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Christmas is a very special and traditional time of the year. For many of you, it is important to have everything perfect to help increase the Christmas Spirit at home. Placing a fragrant Vermont wreath on or near any entrance to your home will do just that.

We have been making Christmas wreaths for over twenty years. They are made from the freshest evergreens which are chosen and hand cut from the deep woods of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Our wreaths are very uniquely decorated some tend to be quite simple, others may be embellished with sprays of dried flowers and pinecones. All of them are highly complimented with velvet, plaid or elegant wire-edged bows.

In 1990 we developed a mail-order business which has catered to many people throughout the United States. We are proud to say that our customers have been very satisfied with our products and continue to order from us.

What better way to thank your clients and employees. Check with us for details.

With single orders of 10 or more units, we offer a 20% discount.

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